Mother Knows Best


We had the pleasure of catering a beautiful wedding at the Newark Museum  for a couple that was fortunate enough to have their mothers set them up. As the story goes, the couple lived in the same town and crossed paths a few times throughout the years; their mothers were persistent about the two of them dating. After one failed attempt to set their children up on a date, the mothers put their matchmaking talents to the test and wouldn’t you know…Mother really does know best!  A few years later the venue was chosen and the caterer was set.

The couple was wed at the museum followed by a full cocktail hour, sit down dinner and an assortment of delicious desserts.  Check out how gorgeous the museum looked on their special day


The bride and groom put a fun and creative spin on a traditional wedding program.




Not only was the wedding photographed, it was painted as well!

To the newlyweds,

Thank you for having us as your caterer on your wedding day.

Congratulations and may life bring you many happy days!

A special “Thank You” to Unlimited Exposures for allowing us to use these terriffic photos.


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